Timberland boots had wanted to leave

 The bodyguard is used to solve the problem, rather than create trouble. But now want to successfully solve hard enough the villagers surrounded all over the place, carrying a hoe shovel, menacing, great downtown big mean car blocking the South to the North to two long queue to whistle, the scene chaos into a.


 Timberlandboots had wanted to leave two people the matter is settled, the remaining vehicles go first, but now has been stuck on the road, not to settle the matter out, the team is not even think half a step forward, on balance, he stepped forward to ask each other how much compounding. Each other a big opening, motorized three maintenance fee to compensation, and lost income, costs, and personnel for medical expenses, less a few absolutely not. One thousand? The doors are not! How do you not robbery!


Up to five hundred, more than not! timberland boots bargain. The other furious one thousand? I want to be a million! Penny less even think about walking. Ten thousand! Even buy a new car does not take too much to it, and this money belongs to unexpected expenses, the deduction from the wages of security guards, we naturally can not promise, timberland boots claim to alarm processing, the other is not afraid claimed by the official after official Who is afraid.



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