The girl in his most frustrated encourage

Her heart has not been able to forgive him Why will not like the other boys, and take the initiative to pursue her. She has been restrained think boys and girls should wait to pursue, and not be able to take the initiative to pursue a favorite of the boys. Missed all missed.


The fate so passed each other, no matter how reluctantly unwilling to accept defeat, was all over. cheap supra skytop I suddenly felt the distance between he and she became very distant, distant to her no longer in the freshman registration, waiting in line in front of him registered girl. Do not remember how embarrassed he is to flee the venue, only know that he later lay in bed for a whole one week, one month lost five kilograms. He decided to forget her. To the company to apply for leave without pay, supras hid in Tokyo, Japan, to go to school. That he met a similarly Taiwan to Tokyo to study the girls.


The girl in his most frustrated encourage him to stand up, the girl accompany him gentle and careful care of him, cheap supra shoes inclusive of his past, the girl let him regain confidence, to believe in love again, she has been told the supra shoes, he her best friend’s hungry, nothing can be said to him. She sometimes feel that her relationship with him like fell in love with a long time lover, has a perfect understanding with each other. In fact, her heart has been waiting for the day he would tell her that the words I love you.

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