I’m at the hospital with him two hours

Rather, with very strange deeds. Rui Min and Janin exchange an inexplicable eyes often crowd, Rui Min know, Janin thinking man. They supra shoes alone, with sadness, will be sensitive, to be dazed, write some text acid rain, is also no longer eat the lollipop. Janin, heard the sound of studio coming, regarded as the sounds of nature. Rui Min Ye days, with in the past saw in the streets. Do not say hello, just far not nearly followed, looking back, my heart Sese.


Rui Min watching Crayon Ye days knocking on the door. When she opened the door startled, supra skate shoes I do not know the first day of the next day I learned that. Extra lessons when I explained to him the day I accompany him to the injections, he was very pleased that the next day I really went.


I’m at the hospital with him two hours, he said to me was sick nice to me very strange asked him what good he looked at me and said sick you will always stay with me ah, I listened to the special want to cry. He really wanted me to accompany it? He later asked me, you can always stay with me ah. If I do not get sick you will stay with me? Knew the secret crush is a difficult to bear but little joy to do. cheap supras Because of this thought, supra skytop With different.



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