When I come back to those who follow the dream

So, the busy rush Lawton and from the heart perilous panic throughout a real pale day. Standing on the crossroads of life, I have some loss flawless: drift to let the trend around the soul’s desire, or firm belief hesitate to go toward the established goals? ! I look around, sorrowful to see behind the startling Foshan Yue Yue events Foshan two-year-old girl was two cars supra shoes and I have my outlook on life, values and behavior criteria, but I was not worldly air of immortal saints out of the Red.


I hard to ask the contradiction between ideal and reality, and in the end just like the cheap supras Chao Chuan sang the song as the pressure and the dignity of life which is more important? But there is no answer.


When I come back to those who follow the dream of the years of my youth when finishing, but found them has disappeared; those inherited from the parents used to be I believe in life as a model of the guidelines have long been confused by the reality of messy; supra skate shoes those who initially the naive and good wishes and scoff of disdain in the eyes of others doubt is so vulnerable. Perhaps they are right, a company cheap supras can not have good protection, but also to alone make ideal life?



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