A kite a lifetime adventure

There is a feeling in this world, although unforgettable, but only pass, no matter how loved, no matter who turned and eventually immersed sad time sea slowly anesthesia to guarding once preached love, then phone, can not hear the sound of it rang again, unable to dial that number to go, always look at others the performances with sweet, always in the love of others to keep the tears of timberland boots sale, and suddenly I thought you face, I am reminded that we cheap timberland boots The cigarette falls in love with a match, it is destined to be hurt.

Do not say love, the promise is a debt owed to cats, mice say I love you, said the cat, mouse tears away, and no one saw mice gone cats also shed a tear, you walk away, In fact, there is a love call to give. If you are a tear in my eyes, that I would never cry, because I’m afraid of losing you.


A kite a lifetime adventure, only a line and fickle face of a woman, men fickle heart, leaves the left is the pursuit of the wind or the tree does not retain, like the touch of love, or a deep love? Said the fish can not see my tears, because timberland boots sale I’m in the water, the water that I can feel you in my mind, in the world of love, not who I am sorry, only who do not cherish who.



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