You have been in the work for the future

When you encounter the annoying mind, you would not say to a friend to listen, not to weep, but to release as much as possible into a strange environment, you will not think of you in when you were 81 years old when screaming on the roller coaster, big pendulum upstream the supra sale of bitterness screen?


You’ve been planning to travel alone, you looked for a long time of travel Raiders, you want time to implement your plan, your plan, these plans are realized slowly, because you know you will not let these plans supra skate shoes living hands, a cloth cross a vertical and a needle and thread-like a black a Xu Xu purple honking barbed line, night, thinking of the long and the smiling; night, if destined in future to meet again!


This is you, your heart is far much, you will lose direction, there is a period of time can not find supra skytop, but you understand, or the supra skytop want to always be happy and free. The family still is eternal, even if you occasionally wayward silent. You always wanted to be a backpacker, but a lot of things have to be bound, money or time. You have been in the work for the future, is very hard, supra footwear you want to go very far, turning back toward freedom, which is now way to evade the problem.

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