He said he came from a rural

Dark blue deep blue sea that day, at the moment in the festival the breeze soft Tao the edification stroked in quiet day StarLight, blue and gray blue glowing peace glittering capitalists oldest grandfather on 11 stare told his parents, parents stare Well we hurry.


Originally really want to laughing and bouncing sea facing flat show, one that stare Well, the atmosphere did not dare blink dare wink staring beads New Year’s. History blinded eyes cheap supras trail of the ancient city, and we were let go many, many do not want to mention cheap supra shoes thing he said to me. He said he came from a rural Hunan, a barber shop in the ancient city of apprentice, just and fell in love with the girlfriend of two years broke up, thus giving rise to the scene just now, he said everything here is unfamiliar, no friends to talk about the truth, so his talent to feel lonely and helpless.


Carrying, carrying, but I hope never to have to adapt to that day! I supra skytop hidden in this city! Lonely air, there is no hint of warmth! Only quietly forgotten, cut miss the memories, the ancient supra shoes city walls of rust, holding large and small, a wide variety of firecrackers, fair wildly came after beach. I did not expect is near when the sea is so demure, simple and elegant.



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