There are many things hard to explain

Who knows, but always rain clouds floated slowly. Every expectation, are cold buried, I know your frustration, unspeakable sorrow you! How do you know? My heart drift to the bitter sea! Tears, falling heart broken Kuse taste integrate into sadness, no one can understand!


The dark, alone, wandering in the window, looking at the sky Twinkle, twinkle in the night sky, the stars of the sky, like a leisurely lights! Lights off. timberland sale my heart has long fly butterfly, but that’s not the butterfly pupae, their good friend, helping them to pack the new home, he and her single people Some of the items, which also includes a respective old albums. Pulls out of view, so we see the youngest when they. Time, he is as handsome and tall, dressed in shirt and jeans, with a cool watch, eyes, with uninhibited flavor. Unruly wind! For me, you is real is also Mirage!


There are many things hard to explain! Can not explain! Perhaps never meet, never heavy mood! Once thought to encounter is the one kind of timberland boots until the injured heart in bitter tears rolling cheap timberland boots drunk learned poetic Meet the original hidden bitter aftertaste! Heart, under the rhythm of the rain, Xinyu kept falling, his thoughts have not find the return, and I look forward to the heart empty the sunny!

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