The doctor explained to her brain

Can only watch the television to the central one and Jingshan County can donate corneas episode in the television show had deeply moved by them. Zhang Lei was declared brain-dead that night, the couple still waited outside the ward. Little mother against the white tile walls of the hospital, she waddled eyes crying bad, even the word on the newspaper see.


What feeling did not have to, that’s painful. supra footwear drifting out how many Singing Sorrowful the bitter autumn’s Shadow mapping those flowers and dust things off and listen to the years to break away from the fleeting, seventeen years, I ran aground Road injuries bleak all floating light, and never again fall into the sad, only dream of flowers bloom in that the curved Yanyinqipan wave Mae.


The doctor explained to her brain death mentioned abroad is relatively high acceptance of brain death, a lot of brain-dead patients are organ donation. Time, the mother has been close to collapse, but this sentence was like suddenly gave her inspiration. At home, cheap supras the couple daily difficulty of the work the only entertainment supra shoes is to turn that $ 100 broken TV. They could not bear to buy set-top boxes, they secretly take out an antenna outside the house.

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