A half outside almost filled

Hu long red bowed his head and said only three at home is not enough benches, bowls, the son little friend into the house with no place to sit. This is a little to no shelter room, to remove a light green refrigerator and 100 yuan to buy back a used TV, then no decent home appliances. A double bed and a single bed along the wall in turn placed. Hu Jiuhong hold on that wooden crib, the original son cheap supra shoes The 48-year-old mother


Hu long red, a little woman, she pulled up the pant leg right leg, will see only the left leg half thickness, polio affected her life. She walked very slowly, one foot high kick low. Before a store room, Zhang Tianrui pull up shutter doors, look callous to say this is our home, all of his possessions. In fact, this is a more than 30 square meters of pavement, the house is a small wooden cabinet symbolically separated into two halves.


A half outside almost filled with dozens of barrels of dirty-gas canisters, just leave a channel. The house is full of the smell of gas. 10 supras square meters inside a half is the family real supra shoes. Zhang Tianrui sitting on a bamboo chair half lying, Hu pull long red brick-sized wooden bench to sit down, I was a guest, to let an armchair stump.



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