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She had a thought and wanted to take a look at the mirror, now nike air max 1 of their own is exactly what he looks like. Work, and Zhoujia Xian tired to go to the bathroom, the first skim the water washed her face, and then Lelong hair, Nike Air Max 1 brain Housong Song rolled bun. Her hair is too thick, in order to save the barber, simply does not cut it, he was the others considered to be Cheap Nike Air Max 90 elegant and fashionable. Tube him, she did not go to justify the effort. Soft light, she finally looked intently toward the mirror, she has very little to pay attention to their looks, elegant and subtle language, the woman in the mirror, she is interested in a laugh, smile melancholy sad.


She immediately decided will nike air max 1 Xie Jianjun front and try not to laugh, like 30 years ago, showing honor to. “Dasa” the main entrance of the magnificent, the word “city that never sleeps” nike air max 1 Here you can find the right notes. Zhoujia Xian and other workers together out of the side door, is preparing to take a detour to the main entrance, Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Trainers┬áNike Air Max 1 before the old school, after all, not a pleasant thing .


Zhoujia Xian wiping the sweat on his forehead, Qiangdajingshen said with a smile, Xie Jianjun you not recognize it. Knew you were married with Mrs Lam Yurong, has not met. Zhou marriage since the countryside to jump the queue and has never met Xie Jianjun, last time we met about nike air max 1 Xie Jianjun first night before leaving home to join the army. Zhoujia Xian indifference, Xie Jianjun the complexion gradually become dignified. He told Zhoujia Xian, after work, he NIKE air max 1 “Dasa” front gate waiting for her, eat supper together. Zhoujia Xian was about to refuse, Cheap Nike Air Max Xie Jianjun put up a finger nike air max 1 mouth, not to reject, which is the command. Xie Jianjun suddenly appeared impossible not to nike air max 1 Zhoujia Xian heart stirred waves.

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